National Model: Educational Approach

Woodward holds a singular place among independent schools because of the breadth, depth, and diversity of our education. Our full range of academic levels, from College Prep to Advanced Placement and Transition Learning Support, gives us a unique ability to fit the education to every student and meet the needs of entire families. We believe that every student holds special promise, and we excel in guiding them toward the light within.

The educational term for what we do—vertical alignment of curriculum—really means that we are intentional about what we teach at each grade level so that concepts are introduced in age-appropriate ways over time, building foundational skills while also challenging students at appropriate points along the way. In an institution of our size—five schools, 2,635 students, 668 teachers—curriculum alignment is a complex ballet but one that we have mastered. In more than a century as a school, we also have mastered another central tenet of our approach—providing thoughtful support and wise guidance to every student so that we can meet them where they are in the educational journey. This process is really special to Woodward. Students are able to create a class schedule that challenges them in their areas of strength and builds upon their weaknesses. Our teachers and administrators pay close attention to the needs of each child, and their insight is crucial. We’re also one of the only schools in the nation to offer a complete educational experience within a mainstream setting for students with learning differences, through our Transition Learning Support Program. Woodward is truly a school for entire families, and many other schools look to our programs as models.

Alongside academics, we teach empathy, resilience, the ability to work with others, problem-solving, critical-thinking, and the importance of character and service. More than the ability to solve quadratic equations, we know that success in life beyond Woodward relies on emotional intelligence and forming meaningful and fulfilling connections with others.

100% acceptance to four-year colleges  & universities

Upwards of $14 million in scholarships annually

26 AP classes offered

STEM curriculum in all grades

Independent Scientific Research in Upper School

Design Thinking


iPads for all Middle School students

“As my son Alex Akins ’12 was preparing to graduate from Georgia Tech with highest honors in electrical engineering and deciding on whether or not to enter the Ph.D. program at Tech, we had a conversation. We were looking back at his undergraduate years and marveling at how quickly the time went and how full it was. He also said how grateful he was that he attended Woodward and had the opportunity to go to a school that prepared him so well academically and for life in general. He felt prepared for college on day one and throughout the four years, at a school that is notoriously tough on its students.”

– Beth Schumaker