Goal: Facilities

Woodward Academy will provide state-of-the-art facilities that foster a nurturing, productive, and safe community for all constituents.

We will achieve this goal through Supporting Strategies (SS) in these key areas. Read below:

Performing Arts Center

Build a 50,000 sq. ft. Performing Arts Center to demonstrate our enduring commitment to the Arts and provide exceptional programs that further enrich the Woodward community.

Lower School Expansion

Address academic needs for the performing arts and PE program by adding a classroom on the north side of the building and expanding the gym into the courtyard space.


Implement a Wayfinding program of signage, traffic calming, and street enhancements that will improve the campus arrival experience by making it more welcoming, aesthetically pleasing, and easier to navigate.

Tri-Cities Plaza

Convert a section of Tri-Cities Plaza for use by Student Transport, with the remaining sections to be used for additional parking space and future school expansion.

Consignment Shop

Relocate the Consignment Shop, providing more space and parking for its operation and improving access for all schools.

Parents’ Space

Provide a space for parents to maximize their time, recognizing that many of them commute from great distances and need a place for fellowship and conducting work during daytime hours.