National Model: Inclusivity

At Woodward, deep respect for difference is at the very core of our identity. Walk around our campus and you’ll quickly see how our student body reflects all of humanity.

In a world that often seems divided, our inclusivity gives us hope every single day. We’re a school that embraces every religion, race, gender identity, and learning style. Our students come from 20 counties around metro Atlanta—urban, suburban, rural, and everywhere in between. Forming lasting friendships with others who are different has a profound effect on our students. The diversity of our student body is truly uncommon in independent schools in our city and our nation.

Woodward’s commitment to embracing differences is an intentional one with annual occasions such as the Week of Understanding, an annual Academy-wide celebration of inclusivity; an ongoing commitment to being recognized as a No Place for Hate school; and a strong Honor Code as well as an anti-bullying policy. We want to be certain that all members of our community are heard and understood, so we are self-reflective as well. We participate in the National Association for Independent Schools Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM) study every five years, providing survey data on our progress and involving everyone in discovery groups so they can give voice to their individual experiences.

Because of our embrace of diversity and inclusivity, our students graduate and go into the world with true perspective and with lifelong friendships that cross barriers of all kinds.

Percentage of Students of Color