The Strategic Plan for 2016-2021 is an outgrowth of feedback and analysis conducted by senior administration.

Three years of parent survey results from each of our five schools

Five years of employee feedback from the Atlanta Journal and Constitution’s Top Workplaces survey

Peer reviews of each school conducted by external consultants, with reviews for the PS occurring in 2014 and for the MS and LS occurring in 2015

Analysis by marketer Patty Crane of Crane Metamarketing, which included extensive focus group discussions with all major constituent groups

Enterprise Risk Management report in 2015 with outside consultant, based on focus group discussions with all constituents, involving more than 200 people

Daily anecdotal feedback

Process for Adoption

Final version was presented to the Governing Board and adopted at its January 2016 meeting.

Revisions were made, based on feedback from the vetting.-

Draft of the Strategic Plan was vetted with constituent groups during fall 2015.-